August 6, 2012

Solar Power Can Aid India

While the power has been restored to most of the 600 million in India who were affected by the outage, there are those who feel that power grid failure may occur again due to too much demand and not enough supply. So it is no surprise that the country is looking to increase alternate power sources.

Solar power is often used in remote regions, as shown in this video from SunEdison. They recently built a 15 kilowatt plant in central India's Meerwada village with enough power to serve 70 houses. Hopefully solar power will become more widespread in time, including in congested urban centers.

Via SunEdison

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July 30, 2012

Video Released for Solar Power Newbies

A large renewable energy company in Australia has released a video that helps those who want to convert to solar power. Energy Matter's Director James Walter explains the differences between manufacturers and gives details about the technology. And while we know this is a commercial, EM does prove that not all solar panels are created equal. The site has other helpful videos and guides to help you turn green, no matter where you live.

Via Energy Matters

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July 23, 2012

U of M Wins 2012 Solar Car Challenge


Saturday, the University of Michigan won this year's American Solar Car Challenge with Quantum. This is the seventh time that they have taken the prize. They began competing in 1990 and have built a total of 11 vehicles.

They are already working on their next car to participate in the 2013 World Solar Challenge, having placed 3rd four times. You can contact them for donations and because it is completely student run, even non-engineer types can volunteer.

Via University of Michigan Solar Car Team

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July 16, 2012

Sunforce Solar Kit - Such A Hot Deal!


Previously we told you about the trend of solar power becoming less expensive and evidence of this is everywhere, including this Solar Power Kit from Sunforce, now less than half of its original price. You get 60 watts of free, clean energy from a panel that is not only waterproof, it is portable so it can be used with RVs or boats, on camping trips or located on the sunniest spot near your home. A built-in blocking diode prevents accidental night battery discharge and the kit comes with every thing you need to get the solar party started.

Via Solar Kits

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July 9, 2012

BSolar Develops Double-Sided Solar Cells


The Israeli company BSolar has perfected bifacial solar cells that they say produces up to 30% KWH per KWp in a standard application and up to 50% in vertical ones. Because they are made with standard equipment, the double-sided monocrystalline silicon cells can be feasible for the mass market. They are made with boron instead of aluminum which increases the cell's efficiency when the backside of the cell absorbs reflective light. Boron is more expensive to use but is also more resistant to breakage.

Via BSolar

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July 2, 2012

GTM Research Assesses Solar Struggle


When companies like Solyndra go under, one wonders why many so many other solar power companies are also struggling to stay afloat.

GTM Research has released a report that may be able to clear the matter up. About 30 gigawatts of solar panels are expected to be sold globally this year while production capacity is almost twice that at 59GW. Prices have gone down more than 50% since 2011 and will continue to drop resulting in smaller companies not being able to compete. And because of the adverse weather conditions early in the year, production was reduced.

There is more to it of course, but it certainly comes down to supply and demand at decreasing prices with the smaller fish left behind. The import tariff on Chinese cells, imposed after some were selling products for less than they cost to manufacture and ship in an effort to build up their country's market share, will effect solar energy's future as well as the expiration of the "safe harboring" 1603 Treasury Program in December 2011.

The GTM report states that the PV market should rally by 2015. Good news for all companies that can hang in there. Check out details of the report via the link.

Via GTM Research

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June 25, 2012

Underwater Solar Power Possible?


A team from the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory has been studying the possibility of harvesting solar power underwater. It's true! Because now the only way to power up devices below the surface of water is with batteries, developing this science could benefit communication systems, environmental monitoring and other applications.

Currently this can only occur about 2 ½ feet down and they are working on changing this to a depth of 30 feet. Instead of silicon cells, the researchers are using gallium indium phosphide (GaInP) to maximize light absorption. Don't expect to see the results in the near future, just know that the military is continuing to use our tax dollars to create alternate power sources.

(Thanks, Courtney)


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June 18, 2012

Etón Rukus' Solar Sound System


Etón Rukus' Portable Bluetooth Sound System features a 40" sq. high-efficiency monocrystal solar panel and a Li-ion battery, perfect for travelers, campers or picnickers. With an e-ink display, it has a convenient USB port for mobile device charging and playing. Two wireless 14W speakers have 2 1/4"-diameter drivers and bass boost. It takes 6 hours to fully charge by sun for 8 hours of play. Available in black, green or white, the system comes with an AC adapter. Purchase now and you get 3 months of free tunes from the subscription service MOG.

Via Eton Rukus

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June 11, 2012

Solar Impulse Successful Transcontinental Flight


The Solar Impulse made a successful transcontinental 20 hour trip from Madrid to Morocco last week. Balloonist Bertrand Piccard flew the plane that is fitted with 12,000 solar cells on its wings. The landing point was selected to bring attention to Morocco's soon to be constructed solar farm that will produce 2,000 megawatts of solar energy by 2020. The plane's next flight will be around the planet in 2014 with five stops included.

Via Solar Impulse

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June 4, 2012

Bondidea Solar Mouse


Bondidea has devised a Solar Wireless Mouse that is compatible with PC, Mac and Linux. At a maximum of 1600 DPI, you get high-res operation that may take some time to master so fortunately it is adjustable. It comes with a wireless USB dongle and can run on a single battery if your computer usage tends to be more in the dark than in sunshine filled rooms. The Bondidea Mouse carries a $36 MSRP.

Via Bondidea (translated)

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